Chiropractic is For Everyone!

“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.” -B.J. Palmer


In a 2-year study, those under chiropractic care were found to have 60% fewer hospital admissions, 62% fewer outpatient surgeries, and 85% fewer pharmaceutical costs (1).

Pregnant women under chiropractic care experienced 50% reduced need for pain medication during labor, 25% shorter labors for first time moms, 31% for seasoned moms (2).

Increased immune defense cell counts in study of HIV/AIDS patients following adjustments (3).

In a study of 200 children under chiropractic care and 200 children under standard medical care, chiropractic kids experienced fewer ear infections, allergies, cases of tonsillitis and asthma (4).

Chiropractic added to standard 30-Day drug rehab program along with auriculotherapy and supplementation nearly doubles success rates and patient retention (5).

Chiropractic adjustments found to have same effect as two blood pressure lowering medications in a study of 50 hypertensive patients (6).





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