Dr. O’s Tips: When you buy a cup of coffee, take the plastic lid off before you drink it or use a travel mug

Take the plastic lid off of your coffee in order to avoid BPA, a hormone-disrupting chemical used in making plastics. It is always a good idea to avoid using plastic food containers to avoid this compound that mimics estrogen and other hormones, but it is especially important when drinking hot coffee because the heat and acidity allow more BPA to be absorbed.

Products labelled BPA-free are not necessarily more safe, because they often contain another similar chemical, BPS, so choose stainless steel and glass containers. Making this small change can reduce the toxic load your body is exposed to daily. BPA exposure has been associated with increases in cancer, altered immune function, disrupted reproductive function, coronary artery disease, learning problems and hyperactivity.
Yours in Health,


Dr. Erin O’Maley