The Four Pillars of Wellness

Many of the diseases plaguing our modern society are a result of our biology not having evolved to thrive in our high stress, high toxic load modern lifestyle. Our bodies are designed to last a lifetime, but when too much physical, chemical or emotional stress builds, the body can reach its limit and lose its healthy rhythm. The cumulative effect can result in low energy, brain fog, aching muscles and joints, weight-loss resistance, accelerated aging, and over time, illness. The Four Pillars approach to healthcare works by releasing the harmful long-term effects of lifestyle stress and keep you functioning at 100% so you can reach your optimal potential.


spinePhysical, chemical and emotional stress affect the nerve connections that run from your brain through your spinal column to the rest of your body to control every aspect of your health. Chiropractic adjustments release unhealthy tension in the nervous system that impairs function and over time builds stronger, healthier nerve connections to make your system more resilient and capable of handling future stress. Chiropractic patients experience all kinds of incredible results, from better sleep and more energy to improved athletic performance, to eliminating headaches and pain, to solving recurring infections in children and colic in babies, but chiropractic is really best utilized when you are well. We are more capable and more creative with a well-connected nervous system! CLICK HERE to learn what to expect during your first visit and about the cutting-edge technology that makes the O’Maley Wellness experience different.


nutritionFood is fuel and we truly do become what we eat. Your body is a complex series of chemical reactions that require compounds delivered through our food in order to be successfully and efficiently carried out. Common medications like over the counter painkillers, antibiotics, and birth control pills deplete the body of vital nutrients necessary to maintain long-term health. Dr. O’Maley has extensive training in clinical nutrition and functional medicine, understands the biochemical individuality of her patients, and offers lab testing and customized healing nutrition plans to patients both in person and remotely via Skype appointment.


fitnessMovement is medicine. If you’re a chiropractic patient, your spinal care exercises are key to moving you through the release and rebuild phases of care and into the revitalize phase, when you have all the tools you need to stay well and receive chiropractic care periodically for maintenance, just like you see your dentist. In addition, exercise is therapeutic for a number of conditions, but not all exercise is created equal for all individuals. Depending on your goals, Dr. O’Maley can give you specific recommendations to find the right, most effective fitness plan for you.



Taking a mindful approach to wellness can mean many things. It may mean finding ways to reduce or manage your stress, making lifestyle changes, like getting out in nature more, changing your relationship with technology, reconnecting with your spirituality, or finding a creating outlet. It means incorporating and practicing healthier habits daily to realize your ultimate wellness goal.

Just like with any other goal in life, your chance of success is dependent on having a plan. We have financial plans, career plans, family plans, but when it comes to the one area of our lives that makes it possible to enjoy every other part of our human experience, our health, many of us wait until there is a problem to create a plan. Like any other goal, it is essential to “reverse engineer” your wellness goals. Picture yourself at your best: energetic, fit, youthful, pain-free, capable and creative. The Four Pillars approach holds the keys to unlocking your true potential.

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