Dr. O’s Tips: The Flu Shot is 26% Effective, Now What?

Boosting your immune system naturally is the best way to prevent and overcome the flu.

Have you noticed the flu seems to be hitting everyone hard this year? The flu shot has been found to be dismally ineffective in preventing the flu. While flu vaccinations may have some value for certain individuals for whom catching a flu could be very dangerous, some natural supplements, such as vitamin D, have been found to be more effective.

Here is what I recommend:
The best way to avoid the flu is to boost your immunity now. If you’re already sick, give your immune system the support it needs to overcome the flu and get well faster. Of course, don’t forget to keep your nervous system, the “communication core” of your body, running efficiently and free from nerve interference by receiving regular chiropractic adjustments!
Yours In Health,

Dr. Erin O’Maley