Do You Need to Detoxify?

From Clean by Alejandro Junger, M.D.

Do you get headaches more than occasionally?

Do you get colds or viruses each year?

Do you have bowel movements less frequently than after each meal?

Do you have bowel movements that are not soft and easily passed?

Do you have diarrhea more than very rarely?

Do you get itchy or watery eyes or nose at certain times of year?

Do you have allergies or hay fever?

Do you often get congested or have excessive mucous?

Do you get bloated after eating?

Do you have extra pounds that won’t come off despite diet and exercise?

Do you have areas of puffiness on your face or body?

Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Do you get heartburn?

Do you get gas more than occasionally?

Do you have bad breath or body odor?

Do you have a thin white coating on the back of your tongue upon waking?

Do you experience cravings for food, especially starchy, salty, sugary foods, or dairy?

Do you experience restless sleep, or do you still feel tired after a full night’s sleep?

Do you have itchy skin, eczema, pimples, or other skin problems?

Do you experience pain or stiffness of your muscles and joints?

Do you experience low moods or brain fog?

Do you have difficulty concentrating or are you forgetful?

Do you feel apathetic and tired?

Do you have bursts of anger or irrational frustration?

Do you have higher than average sensitivity to odors?

Have you noticed an increasing sensitivity to toxins in everyday life, such as feeling nauseated when smelling dry-cleaning fluid or pumping gas, or having reactions to personal care products or food additives?

Do you use multiple prescription medications?

Do you use many potentially toxic chemicals in your home or work environment?

Do you have musculoskeletal aches and pains or symptoms suggestive of Fibromyalgia?

Do you have tingling or numbness on one side?

Do you have strange reactions to medications or supplements?

Do you have recurrent edema?

Have you noticed a worsening of any troublesome symptoms after pregnancy or anesthesia?


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